Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back in Business


How can entrepreneurs successfully bounce back after business failure? It is possible. Not easy but possible. In my book Bouncepreneurs I will show you how.

why is this book free?


Because money may be an issue for you

Losing a business is brutal and most of the people I speak to are absolutely broke and maybe desperate. So Bouncepreneurs is free as an eBook to support as many people as possible at zero cost.

It is my way to give back

I am grateful for where I am in my life now. I want to do better, but I have food, a roof, a car and a bed. Some of you maybe don't. This is my way to give back.

Suicide problem

In the UK and elsewhere there is a particular problem with male suicide. If you are considering taking God's greatest gift, then come to my session this Sunday and read my book. There is a way back. 

There is a way back through entrepreneurship

Bounce Back to Success advocates a way back by starting another business or side hustle. It emphasises letting go of the past and following a step by step pathway. But I assure you it can be done. There are several routes some 

Share the bounce back in business message

If you have a friend, loved one or former colleague you suspect is struggling after a venture has failed then do them a favour and share this e-book.

Sunday night help session

Every Sunday night at 19:00 GMT London time I hold an open Q&A help session that you can come into online or phone in from you normal phone. It lasts an hour and you can remain anonymous if you wish. It is totally free of charge. We discuss how to bounce back in business. There is no selling in this session whatsoever. I will send you details with the book.

Download Your Free Book

There are no tricks or catches. I really do want you to have this book on me. I want you to bounce back in business. I really do. It is a real book not a pamphlet. I really hope it helps you out. Take care and Lift Your Head Entrepreneur. For You it's not over yet!

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Contact Bouncepreneurs is just for you to get details of the Sunday night phone in or to send us any messages you like. Totally confidential.

Bouncepreneurs Bounce Back in Business

Help for entrepreneurs whose ventures have failed, they have not failed as people.