HOW TO FIND AND DEVELOP A GREAT BUSINESS IDEA Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting the Best Idea for You
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business idea generation course for startups

Find out how to choose and turn your business idea into a successful startup, faster and with less stress in just 90 days. 

A Great Choice of Business Idea Generation Course

business idea generation course

A great value and effective self study course helping you to generate, test and launch your business idea with confidence!

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I have an idea but don't know what to do next

This is very common indeed amongst start ups. Some people have an business ideas they just cannot get out of their head into a successful start up. They don't know how to start a business. But their strength is being open to learning and Choose an Idea can help.

I have too many ideas and don't know which to choose

Again this is very common among start ups and actually arises from fear of failure from not knowing how to find business ideas. We can help you choose an idea and how to start a business

I want to be an entrepreneur but cannot find an idea

This is common among people in highly paid jobs planning start ups. You do have business ideas but need some coaching to know how to start a business

I know I need some help getting going

How many people take a great idea to their grave without ever starting and learning how to start a business. Join Choose an Idea and get it done!

I want a business I can scale up and repeat the concept

Smart thinking start ups, at Choose an Idea we love them! This programme shows how to start a business and choose business ideas that are more than selling the owner's labour.

I want real wealth and success in the coming year

You will already know you need business ideas that can make you rich, not comfortable. But you may not know how to start a business safely. That's when Choose an Idea comes in.

I need to show demand for my idea to get a loan or funding

Choose an Idea offers a great way for start ups to independently show demand for your product/service business ideas without the costs of traditional market research.

I don't have the marketing skills I need

Choose an Idea start ups get their marketing materials done for them, plus you will learn skills that teach you how to start a business and allow you to do it yourself in future business ideas.

I need to be sure before spending my savings

We know 42% of startups fail in year 1 because nobody buys their product. The Choose an Idea Start Up Safe Sequence will protect you.

great businesses start on ideas that solve customer problems

Learn to spot highly profitable business niches, develop strong business ideas, and test everything to ensure you startup launches well and can continuously increase your profits.

Trust michael

Choose a Business Idea Founder and Tutor Michael Allen

Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Choose Great Ideas and Safe Start Ups

Course Designer Michael Allen hates to see hard working people fail. 

"I want to preserve your energy, capital and time for nothing but successful ideas."

Starting in 1991 he has built from scratch 3 successful market research agencies. 

He has also suffered from choosing bad business ideas. This has given Michael a special set of skills and deep commitment to ensuring success and preventing failure.  

He is the Author of Choose an Idea with Confidence! and Bouncepreneurs - How to Successfully Bounce Back from Business Failure Books and Courses. 

what you will learn from the course

The Choose an Idea Startup Challenge overview

1. Overview

The Choose an Idea Business Idea Generation Course for startups is based on successfully finding, choosing,test and launching a startup within 90 days. The goals of the course are:-

  1. To stimulate more startups
  2. To keep entrepreneurs safe from debt
  3. To help entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds

The Choose an Idea Business Startup Challenge Idea Creation and Market Research stage

2. Idea Generation and Market Research

As part of the Business Idea Generation Course you will be generating ideas that are tied to specific customer pain points. The one venture that best suits you will then be thoroughly market researched.

The Choose an Idea Startup Challenge planning and launch preparation stage

3. Planning and Prepping for Launch

You will need an effective plan that is compact and meaningful to you. This plan we adaptive to changing conditions of the market. Part of the planning will include preparing to sales and marketing plan for a real life test launch.

How to test launch a business when you take the Choose an Idea Startup Challenge

4. Test Launch & Decision Time

Only real selling of your service or product will prove demand. So you'll learn how to complete a Minimum Viable Product launch and then decide whether to Ramp Up, Pull Out or Pivot your idea to best effect.


Other Things You Will Learn

  • How to differentiate from the competition
  • How to revive retro ideas & even failed businesses
  • How to bounce back in business after failure
  • Why to avoid too much marketing tech too soon
  • How to start on a shoestring
  • How to validate your idea for investors
  • The principle of "good enough" to launch
  • Where not to expend too much energy

Happy Customers

Ralph Naicker South Africa

Choose an Idea customer Ralph Naicker from Durban South Africa

"Michael has a rare skill and genuine soul whose passion it is to uplift and develop budding entrepreneurs and move their ideas into concrete. I highly recommend  Choose an Idea for start ups needing business ideas

Johan Bergman Sweden

Choose an Idea client in Sweden Johan Bergman

I started the programme in 2018 it has helped me better understand the customers I need to make my camps successful. The Choose an Idea market research gave me great insight

Ami Bhangoo France

Ami Bhangoo French startup and Choose an Idea client.

I was really struggling to make a decision to leave my job which was very well paid. Choose an Idea gave me the confidence to move forward with tremendous confidence in my business ideas knowing how to start a business.

Alex Schwager, Germany

Choose an Idea client Alex Scwager in Berlin

 I found Choose an Idea super helpful. It has really challenged the type of business ideas and model I need to take to market. 

Sian Maxwell Wales

Choose an Idea client in Wales, Sian Maxwell

The investigation process for business ideas (with Choose an Idea) was really useful and I am grateful for it. I refocused into an acting business 

Kim Santos UK

Kim Santos UK Choose an Idea client

 The Choose an Idea process saved me from wasting £50,000 on my bad business ideas I learnt so much about how to start a business. My second start up idea tested well 

how to FIND AND DEVELOP your BUSINESS IDEa into profit


Understand Your Own Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our clients start by learning which of 4 Entrepreneurial Mindsets they have. This very personal insight really helps impulsive decision making and boosts confidence in overcoming common limiting beliefs.

Clear A-Z Pathway

Need a clear A-Z plan to start a business, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss! Our Business Idea Generation Course will do just that

A Little Peer Pressure to Help You Along

By working in a team you will have just a little more peer pressure to hit key deadlines and complete tasks. Our previous clients tell us this is something they really value from our methodology

Find Pain Points First then Ideas

The Choose an Idea Business Idea Generation Course focuses students on identifying customer Pain Points first. This means you  know your customer type first and their problem, then you find the solution.

Keeping You Safe

Most startups fail. That's a fact. So our number 1 priority is making sure our clients do not launch flops. If we can stop you wasting your money, time and confidence on a bad idea. We see this as a success. Our market research and test launch process exists to protect you. Plus you will still be able to go back to another idea and repeat the process.

Launch Preparation and Expansion

Take our Business Idea Generation course and you will learn how to test launch your business and if it works seamlessly ramp up into a full business roll up and expansion. 

Business Idea Generation Course from Choose an Idea

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