Michael Allen

Michael Allen Dip MRS Founder of Choose an Idea

Michael Allen is an experienced market research and marketing business owner collocated between the UK and the Netherlands, with over 25 year as a successful entrepreneur in contact centres, economic development and market intelligence. He also trained with Blair Singer on the Train the Trainer programme.

As a creator of the Choose an Idea Challenge, book and start up course for entrepreneurs, his approach to how to start a business is simple: keep things low risk, practical and streetwise to build a solid foundation that can then be fine-tuned for optimal success and happiness.

He has a passionate advocate for entrepreneurial life, protector of the interests of new start ups and ethical “failed” entrepreneurs alike. His two books “Choose an Idea with Confidence!” and Bouncepreneurs – How to Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure” share a common theme of risk reduction. Michael really loathes seeing entrepreneurs fail and his passionate about reducing failure rates in start ups and longer-running businesses. He has undertaken extensive study in entrepreneurship psychology, innovation, marketing technology and causes of start up success and failure which allows him to assess your start up opportunity through a truly unique lens.

Michael will work with you to show you how to start a business that fits your situation, mind set and location. He will allow you to get into business ownership and doing the things you love! Michael draws on his years of business experience to help you choose, find, test and launch a successful and sustainable business 

Michael Allen Founder of Choose an Idea  author of the How to Choose a Business Idea course and book

Michael Allen Founder of Choose an Idea  author of the How to Choose a Business Idea course and book

Lots of client experience

Michael built 25 years of experience

Rolls Royce Choose an Idea
Avaya Choose an Idea
Choose an Idea Unilver
Virgin Atlantic Choose an Idea
Shimano Choose an Idea
Brclays Choose an Idea Team members carried out market research work
Developed ideas for better workplace
Developed ideas for better contact centre
Welsh Development Agency developed and ran business ideas for inward investment campaigns
Choose ideas for BPO strategy into the European market
Researched and assisted in choosing ideas for BPO strategy and local business opportunities
Researching and choosing ideas for launch strategy for French government in UK FDI.

In Order to be able

To show people like you how to choose an idea

Bergman Life Navigation Camps for Men in Sweden work with Choose an Idea
Bitjurio.com from Germany works with Choose an Idea
Mars Hawaii T Shirts from Wales work with Choose an Idea
Choose an Idea helped develop the Amsterdam photoholidays.com concept
Choose an Idea helped develop the Hometune Holland concept
Interactions 247 Service Automation work with Choose an Idea