Choose an Idea Business Startup Pathway Course - Mentored
From Michael Allen Author of Choose an Idea with Confidence

Choose an Idea startup pathway course

Learn how to choose and turn your business idea into a successful startup with a mentor and team mates. 

A Great Choice of Business Idea Generation Course

Choose an Idea Pathway

Let Michael Allen coach you Step-by-Step through his process of Choosing, Testing and Launching the Best Idea for You. 

About Us

How does the Startup Course work

How Does it Work

Michael runs small groups of students through a 12 week programme following the Choose an Idea Pathway week by week. You'll have 1-2-1 time with the course leader plus a weekly Zoom meeting to be briefed on your tasks and review your work, successes and challenges.  High success rates.

Mastermind Group for collaborative learning based around the Choose an Idea Startup Pathway.

Collaborate to Succeed

Entrepreneurship can be lonely and spirits can sink when things don't go to plan. With Pathway you work in a virtual team (have no concerns about confidentiality), that comes together once a week via Zoom video conferencing. Some call this a Mastermind Group. Collaborative learning significantly increases your learning takeaways and improves motivation to get the essential tasks done.

Limited spaces available on the Pathway Startup from Choose an Idea

Limited Spaces

Lot's of organisations claim limited availability. In the case of Pathway it is true. Michael likes to focus his mentorship on a very limited number of students so please book early.

Next Free Spaces Starting April 2020

Please note payment guarantees places.

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Choose an Idea Startup Pathway



Does this work for products and services

Yes! Whether you are thinking of a product or service business ideas the Choose an Idea  process on how to start a business will work effectively for your start up.

Which markets can I run this programme in?

The Choose an Idea process can be run in any market, although we currently engage with clients in English, we have helped clients find business ideas in Germany, Sweden, South Africa and France for example.

How do I know you won't run off with my idea?

We sign a NDA or non-disclosure with all our Choose an Idea start ups  to protect their business ideas. Also our business is about helping entrepreneurs learn how to start a business and that is enough for us. Actually many prospective clients ask us to partner them and we don't do this either.

How long does the process take?

From beginning to the end of the Choose an Idea Pathway process takes most start ups 90 days.

What happens if the market research or test launch fails?

Some of our Choose an Idea start ups have established there is no market for their business ideas. This is a success. It saves you from a year of wasted time and the full investment cost of a normal launch.  It does happen and we point this out to every client. But the risk of failure is massively reduced by X4. We offer all clients the opportunity to repeat the process at 50 percent of the original cost or of course you can take the learning experience and repeat it on your own.

I can do the same exercise with my local enterprise agency or bank?

Firstly the Pathway approach is a structured road map and not a sequence of disjointed parts. We offer great consistency in this process - it is a balanced process end to end.

Whilst we can argue that our Choose an Idea process has critical differences, what is more important than how to start a business is our definition of success. Government agencies are targeted on the number of start ups they launch. Sure we want all our clients to succeed. By we are also motivated by stopping entrepreneurs from launching poor business ideas and wasting at least a year of their lives and their hard earned savings.

This is an important difference because  we have no political motivation to announce large numbers of startups. No, we understand that every client is a human being with a family and we want all our clients to start up safe and avoid catastrophic business failure. That level of care is simply not present elsewhere.

I live in a very remote area can I participate?

Yes! In fact we especially welcome you to Choose an Idea. Creating wealth and employment in rural or remote communities is very important to us. So as long as you have an internet connection you can join

I plan to work with my husband/wife or in a partnership - can we join?

Yes absolutely you can. The only proviso is that you only work on one project and develop your business ideas together in Choose an Idea

We are a company can we join with a team of participants?

We do work with larger groups in our Choose an Idea for Companies programme, but this is a different service than start ups take to find new business ideas. Please ask for details. 

Do you offer any guarantees?

Business is always a risk, so we cannot guarantee any start ups success. It depends not just on great business ideas but on commitment and hard work as well as our programme. But we do offer reduced fees for individuals who wish to repeat the process with a different idea and this does happen from time to time when Choose an Idea students are learning how to start a business. 

Also if you are not entirely happy within the first 14 days of starting the programme we will refund your investment in full.

what happens after you purchase Choose an Idea pathway


Straight Away - Welcome Call

You will receive  confirmation of your payment and we will send you details on how we use Zoom to contact you. We will also send you the Choose an Idea  Mindset Quiz which allows us to understand you better. We will schedule an Expert Review Call with you and in advance send you out our Non Disclosure Agreement. 

Set Up Call with Michael

Next comes our 60 minutes Zoom call with Michael where we ask start ups  about your business idea, or maybe you have multiple business ideas OR you really are struggling to find a good idea and know how to start a business. It does not matter where we start. We will also ask you a little about your own situation and what is driving you to owning a business. We will ask you about any branding or existing research and marketing you have already done. 

Collaborative Group Calls

At a specific time each week, normally in the evening, as many of our clients have day jobs we will have a group call. The first Group Call with give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other. You can share as much or as little as you wish about your idea or line of travel. Michael will answer any questions you may have. He will then introduce the first module and explain the material and tasks in full. You get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Help Between Sessions

Each Mastermind group member has the opportunity to voice any issues they may have in our closed Facebook Group between sessions with other members of their group and with your course mentor Michael. 

Michael answers within 24 hours and normally sooner.

1-2-1 Sessions

Now each member has a series of 1-2-1 sessions directly with Michael Allen. Set Up;Market Research;Business Planning;Launch Sales and Marketing Planning and Final Review.

Each of these calls are set up at mutually agreed times with class members and take place on Zoom where documents can be viewed as required.

General Notes

The course is very dynamic and milestones are important for the process to work. The service is 90 days long.

Drip Feed

The Choose an Idea Pathway programme is drip fed to clients with one new module being released per week. 


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Choose an Idea Business Startup Pathway Course

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On this course you will follow a proven and safe pathway to finding, choosing, testing and launching a successful business idea in just 90 days.